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"Water Drops on CD" - Photography Challenge

"Water Drops on CD" - Photography Challenge

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"Water Drops on CD" - Photography Challenge

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Want to click pictures of shimmering, almost-mystical looking water droplets? Well, all you’ll need is a CD, some water and a clear light source.

The shiny surfaces of CDs and DVDs naturally bend light and create breathtaking effects. This is a fun experiment with refraction and prismatic scattering of colors. With the Water Droplets on CD photography challenge, you can also improve your skills of macrophotography.

Things you will need:

CD, glass of water, water dropper, flash light, camera. Optional: Macro lens(recommended), tripod, external shutter release.

How to try Water Drops on CD photography:

1. In a dark room, position your CD on a flat surface like a table or floor.

2. With the help of the dropper, drop water droplets onto the shiny side of your CD. You can drop them randomly or in an interesting pattern/design.

3. To this setup, introduce some natural light or artificial light. Begin clicking your photos. This is the basic outline of water droplets on CD photography and will result in fantastic photos.

You can take your "Water Droplets on CD photography" challenge to the next level with the following steps.

4. If you have a tripod, you can place your camera on your tripod. Do this in such a way that the camera is directly above the CD.

5. Keep your camera in manual focus mode.

6. The ideal settings while trying water droplets on CD photography are as follows. Keep your shutter speed at 20 to 30 seconds. Set your aperture to f/12. This will ensure that the depth of field is wide enough to retain the focus.

7. Switch off the lights in your room and make it dark. Artificial light gives stunning photos of water droplets on CD, compared to natural light. Turn your flashlight on. Shine it on the CD at an angle such that it is slightly downwards towards the surface. If you aren’t using a lens hood, make sure your light isn’t falling directly on your lens.

8. You can now move around the flashlight, try different angles and heights. Change the position of your camera as well, to get versatile shots.

Here are some samples for ideation:

Creative ways to elevate the “Water Droplets on CD” photography challenge:

- Try different mixing water along with other liquids like glycerin, soda, detergent liquid. This will switch up the consistency and look of the water droplets on your CD. You can mix liquids depending on whether you would like tiny bubbles(soda) or a highly defined shiny outline(soapy liquids).

- Use simple objects to partially obstruct your light source. This will create fascinating shadows and colors.

- If possible, use a blank CD that does not have data written on it. This will give you better shots with more clarity.

This is a part of our #CreateAtHome series. You can try the Water Droplets on CD photography challenge and several others.

Sample Images for "Water Drops on CD" - Photography Challenge


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"Water Drops on CD" - Photography Challenge
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